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Hard floor cleaning services is the maintenance and disinfection of flooring surfaces that aren’t
covered in carpet, including concrete, hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tile. It includes a
range of tasks meant to maintain these surfaces’ resilience, safety and aesthetic appeal.
We provide one of a kind hard floor care in Rochester NY for commercial and residential
spaces. You can avail our hard floor cleaning and care services by scheduling an
appointment with us any time, just give us a call and receive a prompt response.

hard floor cleaning services

What Is Included In Our Hard Floor Cleaning Services?

Following tasks are included in our hard floor cleaning services:

Regular Cleaning:
Sweeping, vacuuming or dust mopping to remove loose dirt, dust and debris from the surface.

Using a damp mop with appropriate cleaning solutions to remove stains, spills and residues. The type of cleaner used depends on the specific flooring material.

Buffing or Polishing:
For certain types of hard floors like hardwood or vinyl, buffing or polishing may be done periodically to restore shine and luster to the surface.

Sealing and Waxing:
Some hard floors, such as certain types of tile or concrete, benefit from periodic sealing or waxing to protect against moisture, stains and wear.

Repair and Maintenance:

Addressing any scratches, dents or damages promptly to prevent further deterioration of the flooring.

Safety Measures:
Ensuring that hard floors are properly maintained to prevent slip and trip hazards, which may involve using non-slip mats or applying anti-slip treatments.

Why Is Hard Floor Care Important?

Hard floor care is important for several reasons:

Overall, hard floor cleaning services is essential for maintaining the appearance, durability, safety
and hygiene of flooring surfaces in both residential and commercial settings. It not only
enhances the visual appeal of the space but also contributes to the well-being and
satisfaction of occupants. Our hard floor cleaning services is unmatched in Rochester, NY, because
we don’t compromise on quality and provide a prompt service. Our team not only cleans
and polishes your hard floors but also stay vigilant in case a follow up is needed.


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