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We Provide Unmatched Carpet Cleaning Expertise In Rochester, NY!

For the best carpet cleaning service in Rochester, Ny, people have been selecting APSI
as their go-to carpet servicing service expert. Nearly every kind of stain can be removed by our
carpet cleaning experts as long as it doesn’t harm the carpet. Since every carpet we
receive needs to be treated differently, every type of carpet gets individualized treatment
during our carpet cleaning process. We divide carpets into three categories:
hand-made, woolen and synthetic. 

Every variety has unique qualities, for example,
synthetic ones may be washed fully with water and a brush but hand-made ones need
considerably more care when getting cleaned. We understand the texture and quality of
every carpet and treat it accordingly. By getting rid of allergens and pollutants that are
stuck in the carpet fibers, carpet cleaning not only improves the look of carpets but also
makes interior environments healthier.

Routine Maintenance Carpet Cleaning

Routine Maintenance Carpet Cleaning

Our routine maintenance carpet cleaning service refers to regular cleaning procedures
performed on carpets to keep them in good condition and prolong their lifespan. This
kind of cleaning is usually done on a regular basis, quarterly or semi-annually, based on
factors like foot traffic, the state of the environment and how often the carpet is used.

How Is Routine Maintenance Carpet Cleaning Done?

Vacuuming is used in routine maintenance carpet cleaning service to get rid of surface debris
and deeper cleaning techniques like steam or hot water extraction are used to get rid of
allergies, stains and ingrained filth. It contributes to preserving the carpet’s general
cleanliness, appearance and texture by preventing the accumulation of dirt and grime
over time. Routine maintenance cleaning helps create a healthier home environment by
preventing dirt collection, which also lowers allergens and improves air quality.

Interim Carpet Cleaning

Interim Carpet Cleaning

Interim carpet cleaning service is a method used between routine deep cleanings to keep
carpets looking fresh and extend their lifespan. It involves the use of low-moisture or dry
cleaning techniques to quickly remove surface dirt, stains and minor soiling.

How Is Interim Carpet Cleaning Done?

Interim carpet cleaning service includes encapsulation cleaning, bonnet cleaning or dry
compound cleaning. With the use of specialized tools and cleaning chemicals that
require little drying time, carpets can be promptly restored to their original form and
shape. Interim cleaning is a practical and economical way to keep carpeted areas in
commercial and high-traffic environments looking nice, controlling filth buildup and also
extending the time between full cleanings.

Restorative Carpet Cleaning

Restorative Carpet Cleaning

The purpose of restorative carpet cleaning is to revitalize carpets that have accumulated significant soiling, stains or wear over time. It is a rigorous and intense cleaning procedure. In order to address deeply ingrained filth, difficult stains and embedded pollutants that are impossible to remove with standard cleaning techniques. It goes beyond periodic maintenance and interim cleaning.

How Is Restorative Carpet Cleaning Done?

In order to successfully remove dirt, allergens and stains from carpets, restorative carpet cleaning includes the use of strong machinery and specific cleaning chemicals that can reach deep into the fibers of the carpet. Rotating extraction, deep shampooing and hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning) are prominent techniques used by our experts for restorative cleaning. 

These methods revive the look and feel of the carpet while also getting rid of smells, odors, obvious dirt and stains. For carpets in business settings, high traffic areas or those that haven’t been cleaned in a while, restorative carpet cleaning is frequently advised. It contributes to the carpet’s lifespan extension, enhanced indoor air quality and restoration of the carpet’s original elegance and feel. Contact us Today!

For premium carpet cleaning services in Rochester, NY, book a service with us today and experience the satisfaction of a spotlessly clean space.

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